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Ristorante Casa

Italian-style conviviality

The beam building between Terrasse and the Event Lounge is a protected building that used to be used as a sauna house. Nowadays, it is a place where you can experience simple Italian dining culture. Surrounded by a spacious park with lush trees, the river flowing past, and the nearby woodland, the Ristorante Casa is a truly idyllic and convivial venue.

In the summer, you can dine at a long table in the shade of the trees as the water rushes over the weir. We serve typical Italian dishes and select wines. In the winter, an open fire creates a cosy atmosphere.


Beautiful place for food

when me n my boy friend went in this restaurant, we became very happy with their behavior with us. This restaurant was really nice location. Still I am remembering that beautiful place.. I will try to go again.
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